Smudge Candles

Our collection of traditional indigineous candles
Smudging is a cultural ceremony used by First Nations to cleanse and purify their surroundings of negative energies.  When the actual medicines cannot be purchased, we welcome you to substitute our smudge candles in order to achieve the positive energy you are seeking.  You can burn them one at a time in the four pack of tealights or all together. Each tealight burns approx. 5-8 burning hours.   The layered sizes of 4 oz mason jar and 12 oz glass (size and shape will vary) will provide from 25 up to 70 burning hours.

These candles use Cedarwood Essential oil, Tobacco Fragrance oil, Sage Essential oil, and Sweetgrass Fragrance oil.  These scents are also available in the Home Decor and Travel lines in their respective colours.