About A Candle Occasion

Learn more about Michele and why she does what she does!

Based in Carling, Ontario, Michele Ten Eyck is the owner and operator of A Candle Occasion.  She was born and raised in Parry Sound and left after high school in 1983.  She has lived in a many different cities across Canada – Toronto, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Mississauga to name a few.  After spending the last 15 years in the Insolvency field and finishing her career with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy in Ottawa,  she returned to the Georgian Bay area after more than 30 years away.

“I started this company as a way to reuse the many teacups and containers I had acquired over the years!  I have moved so many times over the years that when I finally moved back home, I decided I no longer wanted to store these items in my cupboards and A Candle Occasion was created!”

After living in British Columbia for 10 years, Michele became a recycling advocate.  Recycling is pretty much mandatory in BC and has been for many years so, it was easy to let go of items to start her newest venture!

In 2013, and after much consideration, she decided to put aside her jewellery venture and give creating homemade candles a try!

“I have always loved to burn candles but not all candles are good candles! Meaning, many candles you buy on today’s shelves are made with cheap ingredients and unsafe additives!  We have enough chemicals in our homes without adding unnecessary ones.  I wanted to create a good affordable candle!”

After much researching, she decided to offer candles made from 100% soy wax.  Many of her candles are scented with pure essential oils (check out her future blog post on this topic), but some scents are just too good to pass up so, she utilizes Premium fragrance oils as well.

Michele spends her winters creating her products for the local Summer Markets in the outlying areas of Parry Sound.  She is slowing attempting to create some retail spaces for her candles.  You can obtain her candles at Perfectly Pampered Day Spa in Parry Sound.  She has created a few different collections within her candle company.  Home Décor, Travel Tins, and the Smudge line are currently available with her newest product to come this Christmas so stay tuned and visit often!